Skip Size, Capacity & Cost Reference

midi skip with man in shown for size

This is your handy reference for skips, when you need to know:

  1. What the name of each skip size is
  2. How large each skip size is
  3. Approx how many bin bags a skip holds
  4. How much each skip costs to hire

1. What the name of each skip size is

When searching for or booking a skip, some people refere to them by size, others by specific names, which can sometimes become a bit confusing when you aren’t sure which one you need. This will give a clear idea of what each one is.

  • 2 yard skip – Mini skip
  • 4 yard skip – Midi skip
  • 5 yard skip – Maxi skip
  • 6 yard skip – Small builders skip
  • 8 yard skip – Large builders skip

For any skips larger than these, such as 10 yard skips or 16 yard skips, they are usually referred to by their size.

2. How large each skip size is

When looking for a skip, you will normally see them marked as X size, 2 yard skip or even 2 cuyd skip, but what does this actually mean?

Well, the 2 yards/cuyd refers to 2 cubic yards. However, if yards are not your preferred measurement, here are the approximate measurements for all of our skips in cm, from 2 yards to 16 yards.

  • 2 yard skip – 200cm (L) x 70cm (D) x 140cm (W)
  • 4 yard skip – 290cm (L) x 90cm (D) x 140cm (W)
  • 5 yard skip – 290cm (L) x 90cm (D) x 180cm (W)
  • 6 yard skip – 310cm (L) x 110cm (D) x 180cm (W)
  • 8 yard skip – 380cm (L) x 120cm (D) x 180cm (W)
  • 10 yard skip – 400cm (L) x 130cm (D) x 180cm (W)
  • 12 yard skip – 400cm (L) x 150cm (D) x 180cm (W)
  • 14 yard skip – 420cm (L) x 190cm (D) x 180cm (W)
  • 16 yard skip – 440cm (L) x 200cm (D) x 180cm (W)

3. Approx how many bin bags a skip holds

So now we know approximately how big the skips are, but what does that actually tell us?

Only how much space the skip is physically going to take up. What’s more important to know is much you can fit in them, this then can give you a clearer idea of what size is best for you based on their capacity.

Each of these is the approximate number of bin bags each size of our skips can hold.

  • 2 yard skip – 20 bin bag capacity
  • 4 yard skip – 40 bin bag capacity
  • 5 yard skip – 50 bin bag capacity
  • 6 yard skip – 60 bin bag capacity
  • 8 yard skip – 80 bin bag capacity
  • 10 yard skip – 100 bin bag capacity
  • 12 yard skip – 120 bin bag capacity
  • 14 yard skip – 140 bin bag capacity
  • 16 yard skip – 160 bin bag capacity

4. How much each skip costs to hire

And finally, we come down to how much it costs to hire a skip. These skips can be booked directly from our website and the prices are the starting amount for up to 14 days hire:

We also have 12, 14 and 16 yard skip sizes available too. If you need to book one of these, the best thing to do is get in touch with us to discuss pricing and availability.