Tips For Filling a Skip With a Wheelbarrow

Many people who hire a skip, want to be able to fill it as efficiently as possible, one of the most effective ways to do this is using a wheelbarrow. This Can help you move and load your skip more quickly, we are going to look at how best to set up a skip and some safety tips for loading.

Prepare the area

When you have received delivery of your skip, you will want to clear the area of any and all debris and obstructions so you have plenty of room and easy access to and from the skip.

Every skip can have differences in build and design. Just because you may have ordered a skip of the same size from the same company previously, does not mean that what you will receive will be identical. There may be differences in the skip design or build that can alter how you approach the set up for pushing a wheelbarrow in.

Create a ramp

To be able to empty a wheelbarrow into the skip, you will need to use a ramp. The most ideal solution is to use a skip ramp. If you don’t have access to a skip ramp, scaffolding boards can also be used to build a ramp. Scaffolding boards are suggested as they are around 4 metres long and are built to be able to hold weight.

When setting up the ramp, it is important to remember that you do not need to ramp to reach the top, only the wheelbarrow lip needs to, to be able to tip it into the skip. The ramp not reaching the top can also reduce the incline, making it easier to push the wheelbarrow up.

When placing the ramp, the best place is in the middle of the skip for the most stability. You will also want a decent run up to be able to get the wheelbarrow up. Once your ramp is in place, you’ll want to test if it’s secure. Try running an empty wheelbarrow up it or apply some pressure/weight to it to make sure it stays in place.

Loading the skip

When loading the skip, to get the most out of it, or in fact, the most into it, it is best to break up large items where possible, which will give you more room as you are able to more strategically place them in the skip.

You should load the heavier items in the bottom. Loading the heavier items into the bottom can help you get more in by allowing you to fit smaller items in the gaps around. It also makes the skip more stable and safer to transport.

Be safe

When pushing the wheelbarrow and loading the skip, in the event that the wheelbarrow starts to tip and fall, do not try to save it, just let it fall over. If you try and stop it tipping, you can cause yourself an injury. It is quicker and easier to simply refill your wheelbarrow and go to fill the skip again.

Don’t overfill the skip 

When filling the skip, you don’t want to overfill it as it is likely to result in it not being able to be collected for safety reasons. There are legal requirements when transporting a skip, transporting an overfilled skip makes it more likely for items to fall out, which can result in fines for the driver or skip company. When filling the skip, make sure it is only filled no higher than the sides and it should be level loaded.

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