Cartwrights Waste Disposal assist with initiative to reduce greenhouse gases

Cartwrights Waste Disposal has teamed up with Severn Trent Green Energy to tackle methane emissions from food waste, which are contributing to the global warming crisis.

When food waste decomposes the methane it releases is at least 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide, over a 100-year timescale.

Cartwrights have been enlisted to deliver food waste to Severn Trent’s Anaerobic Digesters, which are able to convert the methane produced by decomposing food in to Biogas and Digestate to help build a sustainable infrastructure. The Biogas that is generated is exported directly into the National Grid to fuel homes and businesses with gas. Digestate is a nutrient-rich fertiliser that farmers can use instead of fossil fuel derived chemical fertilisers.

Severn Trent Green Energy said, ‘’Operating just one of our food waste recycling facilities has the net carbon benefit equivalent to taking 89,000 cars off the road.’’

Cartwrights, who have been collecting waste around the West Midlands for 35 years, will be using state of the art collection vehicles that can store food waste separately to general waste, reducing the amount of vehicles on the road, which minimises carbon emissions from their fleet.

Jodi Cartwright-Smith from Cartwrights commented, “We are excited to be helping businesses and homes create a more sustainable economy, whilst reducing the damaging affect of methane on the climate. Decreasing food waste can reduce waste costs and our carbon footprint. This work is in line with our zero to landfill policy, providing a waste solution that is kinder to the environment.”

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